Icarus Transcendent

Even as we touched
all gods were watching;
it was too brilliant
too broken
for the heavens not to notice
and be jealous even
into hell.
As our eyes met
we exchanged addresses
numbers and blood types
of psyche and soul
in a glimpse
a blink
in a flickering
flame-filled stare.

For this -
this was Chaos running wild
on a beach at midnight
waves lapping her naked legs
as Lust and Hubris both
chased her half-laughing half-sobbing
breath caught
into the tide.
We, this, us,
becomes Daedalus frozen
face rictus
his wax dripping heedless
caught on the rocks of the boy Icarus
a crashing angel
of bright solar flares
all love pride glory
going before the fall
of Olympian privy wings.
If only we’d pretended
a little indifference
just maybe
we could have fooled
Thought and Memory
as they world circled
on watch
for the click and
the cling;
But it is foolish wisdom
to attempt the bluff
of crafty crows carrion
when one look
one parted mouth
would show all men
our desire;
the deep-seated wanting
of two with hearts minds oh
with bodies
joined together bind heavy
sweat driven and panting
from a single