New Year

The Things We Leave Behind

The Things We Leave Behind

Because let's face it, kids. 2015 sucked. It sucked big, fat, hairy spiders. It was a year of hate, of sadness, of horror, and of general down and out big fat hairy spidery suckiness. If you had a reverse Olympics of sucky years, I reckon 2015 would be down in the anti-Gold medal position with 1888, when Frau Klara and Herr Alois decided to get on the Riesling one night in downtown Braunau am Inn, Austria, things got a bit zündend under the Federbett, and the result was the unspeakable horror that was Adolf Hitler. 

Exit The Dragon...

“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.”

— W.C. Fields

Happy Chinese New Year! Having exited Asia at the same time as the Year of The Dragon, I feel quite invested in what the Year of The Snake has to bring.

Admittedly I know next to nothing about the Chinese Zodiac apart from the fact that apparently I am a Rat; but that makes as much sense as being an Aquarian and way more sense than most if not all of the major religions. As far as I know, there are no current wars being fought over whether or not one is an Ox or a Tiger. Although perhaps I should shut up in case I give any die-hard with a vengeance Roosters any ideas...

According to my meticulous (sort of) research, the Snake's place and its significance as a symbol of worship is far less than that of the Dragon.

It carries the meanings of malevolence, cattiness and mystery, as well as acumen, divination and the ability to distinguish herbs. In some places, people believe that a snake found in their court can bring delight.

I am not certain what most of this means, or how a snake can be catty, but they certainly are malevolent at times (but only when interfered with) and I do think they are mysterious. The herbs and the delight I will leave well alone.

My main hope, with Chinese New Year, just as it was with the 'western' start of 2013 and will be with Rosh Hashanah in September, is that it brings some kind of fulfillment to those who are celebrating it. Snake, Pig, Rat, Horse or Dragon, may you find yourself in uninteresting times - which is a blessing not many of us get in a lifetime, let alone in a year.

Now my next question... when is it Rat's turn again? Because we Rats are definitely the coolest dudes in the horoscope.

I think we deserve a double dip...