A Good Christian

I sometimes amaze myself with how strong I am. Deep breath here, and I know you are going to find this very hard to believe, those of you who know me well.


Last week, I gave away a pair of Louboutins.

I need to lie down for a little while before I keep writing.

Please hold.

OK, I'm back.

So - this is the dealio.

Two years ago, I bought a pair of Loubs online. Being a total tard, I happily ordered my usual pair of 39s - and didn't realise that I had ordered an Italian 39. Not a Euro 39.

There is a differenzio. This is Italiano for big fat mistake. Because they are two different sizes, and when you buy on sale online, there often is no going back.


So - I have worn them once. And they looked amazing, but they hurt like hell. And I couldn't do it again. So in the spirit of the red sole, I have given them away to a worthy and chic recipient - rather than selling them.

God speed my darling shoesies - and enjoy your new home.

And as for me - the piggy bank will fill up again.

One day.

Vive les Louboutins!