Awake Dear Heart

Between the past -
That other country
Known only
To sleeping senses
Lies a fault line
In a ceaseless
ocean's arms  

Set about by waving forests
Seen by the drowned
as mermaids' tresses
It is memories
soul and hope held
of fair winds, 
an older magic
Sprites and selkies;
A friendly following sea

Through dark and
sand-swirled waters
Creeps a stillness
A breath held quiet
As gold-wrecked
and cannon'd galleons
unfurl sails
of dreams and dragons
A last task before resting
A journey not yet known

Awake now dear heart
For here we find
Those ships of wonder
With a compass
Map held ready
to a new world
Blue sky dawning
A promised gold caught light

Awake, dear heart awaken
For we crack
all bounds and anchors
Crewed by captains
most courageous
As they navigate
memory's own fault line
And sail forever onward
all the heart-true sailors

For my dear friend and mentor, David Moser. Thank you. Parker x